Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Building the Future of Work with Startup Studio eFounders

Founder & Managing Director of eFounders, Quentin Nickmans, takes us back to the beginning of their startup studio to share the journey of building a portfolio of 29 companies and raising more than $400 million.

  • 1:15 Intro to eFounders
  • 4:25 Spinning out one SaaS startup after another
  • 9:11 Solve the problems you have yourself. Build the solutions you need.
  • 11:53 Discovering founders and matching them to ideas
  • 16:38 $400M in fundraising and 2 unicorns
  • 20:33 Being a studio founder and resisting building each project yourself. Watching your kids grow up.
  • 25:11 Logic Founders fintech startup studio
  • 28:44 Web3 and other vertical startup studios
  • 31:15 Building a successful founding team
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