Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Building the Global IoT Network and Community with Jeremy Prince, CEO Sigfox

Today our guest is Jeremy Prince, CEO of Sigfox, to discuss their mission to build the largest IoT ecosystem in the world.

  • 3:20 Transitioning to a new CEO
  • 5:22 What drew you to Sigfox in 2018?
  • 12:26 2020, a difficult year
  • 20:33 IoT Mass Adoption – 3 drivers: transforming customers’ businesses, regulatory compliance, and new, disruptive business models leveraging IoT
  • 26:25 The growth of IoT’s different segments and markets
  • 28:30 The impact of 5G on IoT
  • 31:16 Is it finally time for IoT to scale?
  • 38:00 Chocolatine or pain au chocolat?
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