Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Effective Company Carbon Programs with Sweep

Discussing reducing carbon emissions in your business and value chain with CEO and Co-Founder of Sweep, Rachel Delacour.

  1. Description and history of Sweep: 1:49
  2. Climate change startup investment landscape 3:52
  3. Doing good can also be good business 5:14
  4. Sweep’s $5m seed fundraising 6:47
  5. Optimism and the COP26 Experience 7:14
  6. Will technology save the planet? 11:47
  7. Founding BIME Analytics and the Zendesk acquisition 16:04
  8. Build your passion 20:55
  9. On to angel investing 23:15
  10. Heading to space? 24:47
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