Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Elevating Sound in Our Lives with Devialet

A fascinating chat with Franck Lebouchard, CEO of Devialet, on their mission to elevate sound to its rightful place in our lives through an exacting attention to engineering and design:

  • 1:28 A short history of Devialet
  • 4:07 Being different about sound and design
  • 8:50 People want better sound as streaming and video quality massively improve
  • 11:46 3D and immersive audio are coming
  • 13:53 Devialet’s explosive growth and continuing demand
  • 16:10 Phantom speaker for consumers and bringing great sound to cars, televisions, laptops, and more
  • 19:43 B2C vs B2B revenue
  • 20:30 ArianeGroup, materials science engineering, and rocket audio
  • 23:43 2022 ambitions: what’s next after amplifiers, connected speakers, and true wireless
  • 27:26 Autonomous driving: your car will become an extension of your living room and the need for low energy consumption audio
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