Sunday, March 3, 2024
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French Tech Miami with Hugging Face, SimpliField, and Ynsect

On today’s live podcast on Clubhouse, we will be chatting with French Tech entrepreneurs in New York and Miami on the growing trend of startups to locate their businesses and teams in up and coming ecosystems like Miami and related topics around quality of life, access to venture capital, local talent pools, engaged local politicians and organizations, and other subjects…

Joining us for our discussion will be

  • Clement Delangue, CEO and Co-Founder of natural language processing starting Hugging Face, fresh off of their recent $40M Series B fundraising,
  • Benjamin Zenou, CEO and Co-Founder of retail performance platform SimpliField,
  • Alain Revah, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer for Ynsect, the world leader in insect protein and fertilizer production,
  • Caroline Faucher-Winter, Operating Partner at C4 Ventures as well as leading French Tech New York City,
  • and Stan Coignard, CEO of online to brick and mortar marketing platform S4M as well as leading French Tech Miami.
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