Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Innovating Music Streaming with Deezer

Join Chris and Ethan for a fascinating discussion with CEO Jeronimo Folgueira on Deezer’s continuing mission as an independent music streaming platform:

  • 1:01 Intro to Deezer and Jeronimo’s background
  • 2:55 Deezer’s place in the music industry
  • 4:30 Deezer’s unique value proposition as a music streaming service
  • 10:24 The Home of Podcasting or Music?
  • 12:13 and speaking of Spotify, let’s talk about Joe Rogan
  • 17:13 Music Exclusives… Ed Sheeran, James Blunt, Alicia Keys original sessions
  • 18:25 European data/privacy sovereignty vs US platforms
  • 21:25 Web3: Music NFTs, social tokens, and digital collectibles
  • 24:39 The Future of Deezer
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