Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Lydia, The Financial Services Super-App, with CEO Co-Founder Cyril Chiche

Cyril Chiche is co-Founder and CEO of Lydia, a financial services super-app offering digital payments, donations, loans, checking accounts, payment cards, and other services…


  • The Lydia origin story
  • The Numa Café
  • Early investments
  • Product Market Fit and early growth
  • Lydia, a super-app for your money
  • Moving into then back out of the UK market
  • 2020, first Tencent (WeChat Pay) then Accel invests in Lydia
  • Covid and financial services trends and adoption
  • Cryptocurrency buying/trading and financial services apps
  • Accel’s newest venture partner and former Venmo General Manager, Amit Jhawar, joins the board
  • 2021 and onward
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