Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Shaping The Future Of Music with Believe

Today our guest is Denis Ladegaillerie, Founder and CEO of Believe, to discuss how they enable independent musicians to build and engage with their community and fans:

  • 1:23 The mission of Believe
  • 2:04 Believe’s history and the evolution of the music industry
  • 6:25 Tunecore, helping independent artists build their career through premium and automated solutions.
  • 8:57 Scaling your music’s visibility and reach through platforms vs. doing it on your own
  • 12:26 Do you still need a label and its team?
  • 14:37 The impact of social media on music promotion
  • 19:36 Believe’s Euronext Paris IPO: Going public in Europe for French Tech companies
  • 24:14 Music NFTs: Crowdfunding/Financing your music vs monetizing community and fanbase
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