Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Transforming Insects into Premium Natural Feed with Ynsect

Ynsect CEO, Antoine Hubert, explains their mission to develop sustainable nutrition for both animals and humans using insect protein:

  • 1:41 10 years of progress
  • 4:29 Building an industrial agricultural company
  • 9:20 Technical challenges, commercial challenges, then the regulatory challenge
  • 13:09 Why do we want to feed the world with insects?
  • 19:55 Feeding animals, great…but feeding people? Creating ingredients for sports nutrition, meat alternatives, and more…
  • 26:10 Robert Downey Jr’s fund, FootPrint Coalition, comes onboard
  • 30:03 Scaling up insect-based feed in the US
  • 32:26 Building a sustainable and impactful company
  • 35:41 Largest vertical farm and insect production site in the world under construction in France
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