Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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European Data Sovereignty with Multi-Cloud Service Provider Scaleway

Join Ethan for a passionate discussion about the future of cloud computing infrastructure and European tech sovereignty with Yann Lechelle, CEO Scaleway.

  1. Scaleway Introduction 0:44
  2. The coming public cloud computing paradigm shift 2:19
  3. European Tech/Cloud/Data Sovereignty (Strategic Independence) 4:41
  4. The commoditization of cloud: multicloud 9:21
  5. Founding and leaving the GAIA-X Initiative 11:45
  6. FrenchTech startups and now European scale-ups 15:54
  7. Venture capital funding and high valuations are great, but product adoption by European organizations of European solutions is the real need 19:32
  8. Web3: moving towards a decentralized Internet leveraging centralized infrastructure 24:03
  9. What’s coming for Scaleway: new Amsterdam datacenter announced, full European cloud infrastructure regions in Amsterdam and Warsaw in addition to Paris 29:32

Europe’s Tech Stories, hosted by Chris O’Brien and Ethan Pierse, highlights important stories in the world of Europe’s startups, its entrepreneurs, investors, and ecosystem leaders.

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