Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Video: Touring Ÿnsect Vertical Insect Farm With CEO Antoine Hubert

Chris O'Brien
Chris O'Brien
Chris O'Brien is an American journalist based in Paris. Since moving to France in 2014, he has covered Europe's startup ecosystem as a correspondent for VentureBeat. Previously, he spent 15 years writing about Silicon Valley as a journalist at the San Jose Mercury news and The Los Angeles Times.
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Ÿnsect is fast becoming one of the biggest names in the emerging market for insect-based protein.

While first targeting animal feed and fertilizer, the company is now moving into human food products following regulatory approval last year of its insect-based protein powder.

The company has raised $425 million in venture capital and debt to build out its industrial farming system. This past year saw a dramatic acceleration as the company opened a new production facility, acquired Dutch company Protifarm to boost its mealworm production capacity, and expanded its U.S. presence.

SeriesE visited Ynsect’s mealworm farm in Dole, France, and spent some time with CEO Antoine Hubert learning more about Ynsect’s journey, its mission, its science, and where the company will go from here.

Watch our video and interview here:

1. Intro and acquisition of US mealworm factory, Jord Producers: 00:48

2. Vertical insect farm factory description: 1:57

3. Behind the Engineering, Data, and Biology of farming insects (mealworm beetles, Tenebrio molitor) 3:37

4. Inventing the intellectual property of insect farming 5:20

5. What’s next and the challenges ahead: regulation for US and EU animal and human consumption of insect protein, human and financial capital 7:33

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